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Birthing Blossom Therapies

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

How did Blossom Therapies come to be?

It feels like birthing my first child and watching it grow.

With Love, tenderness, patience, trust, belief, hope and joy.

Knowing there will be times of frustration, worry, stress and guilt (am I doing enough, doing it right?)

Trusting the process, its journey, my journey. I have known since I was little I wanted to help people, just wasn't sure exactly how that may look. As I grew, my dream to have my own practise grew too.

Excitement, apprehension, coming back to that trust again that this was my mission, a strong inner knowing - even when I did not know what to do next.

A lot of these things I do are new, yet not, evolving, changing, fluid.

Healing Hands. My mum told me that putting my hands on her head when I was a little girl would help with her headaches. I’ve wondered if she just said that to be nice but she kept asking so I assume it did work. My higher self dropping in to heal before I realised / remembered I could.

Been counselling for years, professionally with Relate and NHS, yet also it feels like most of my life.

With my mum, my friends, boyfriends, their mums, siblings, girls in the toilet at the club I met in the que, after parties or walking somewhere at a festival.

I’ve always had this urge, desire, will to help, to listen, to care, to try my best to help. Learning when that is wanted and when not, knowing when to push and when to pause.

Somehow knowing what to say, not always, learning that silence can be just as powerful, just as helpful. Knowing being present and emotionally there for someone is all is needed. Knowing now about energy and how we are all connected, looking back and knowing my energy my light was enough on its own,

Witnessing their light, their story, their space.

Reflecting back their light, their beauty, their sorrow, their dreams, their strength. With my eyes, my heart, my words - sometimes a good old hug.

As I reflect back on my journey to this point, with curious fresh loving eyes and marvel at the riches and gems of lessons and information I possess. Tapping into the lessons; my strength, determination and drive. Take the lessons and the blessing, leave the pain, heartache, negative energy. Release and let go to let more light shine in, through and around. Use all I know to do the same with my clients.

Oftentimes at work I wanted to do more, feeling the healing didn't go deeper or for longer (organisational restrictions of time allowed where I’ve worked as a counsellor). I know now, I was craving to learn more ways to help and integrate with counselling.

Receiving and learning about Reiki was like switching on a light in a back room I had forgotten about. I felt warmth, safety, love, forgiveness and compassion on a new level, mainly for myself to start with. As I got my attunements and practised, It then rippled out to my friends, my family, my plants and crystals.

I’m learning about energy, how it works in our bodies, our chakras, our energetic fields and aura. Plus, around us in; nature, words, thoughts, intentions. It fascinates me and nearly every time I answer one question I come away with more.

On my own journey of self development, one thing led to another and I was called to try a past life regression hypnotherapy session. I was just so curious really to see what it would be like (I was a Victorian man btw- blog for another time). I fell in love with the process and wanted to learn more. The lovely lady I went to happened to be running a hypnotherapy course soon and I knew I had to sign up and felt excited to add another therapy tool to my repertoire.

Hypnotherapy, for me, is a bit of a combination of both counselling and reiki really. I love how carefully chosen words, active listening and talking can create a relaxed, yet focused state. Accessing different parts of the mind opening up the connections and communication with the (un-)consciousness - theirs, mine, the collective (so many powerful collective energies going on right now) is transformative and beautiful to witness.

I’ve met a lot of people along the way, personally (Lots of festivals and clubbing -back in the day -really opens up one's opportunities to meet all sorts of characters and beautiful souls) plus professionally through Relate and the NHS. It’s extremely rare that at some point there hasn't been a sharing, opening, glimpse of vulnerability. Gaining insight into how people work, talk, think and behave. What are their dreams, what motivates them, what do they need?

I know in my soul, we are all complicated layers of energy, a soul having a human experience. Some may not even started on Earth, yet we all have the right to be happy, to live the life we choose (obviously if that does not intentionally hurt anyone else).

This means we need different healing modalities, to heal and help different parts of that process. That is what I offer the world with my take on counselling, reiki and hypnotherapy.

Blossom Therapies is a space to pull together my unique journey, live it, appreciate it, enjoy it, even the painful parts as this eventually brings more lessons, empathy and connection to those around me.

We are all loved, we are one, on a vibrationally, energetic level. I am constantly weaving all this together to help guide my next steps, let go of the need to know all, to plan everything. To trust I will figure it out on the way, I will cope, I will heal and grow as I also heal others. This past year was a big lesson for that - managing two postponed wedding, hen and honeymoon dates whilst working on Blossom Therapies, my courses and self development and a NHS staff counsellor.

And yet, now, I feel calm, sprinkled with excitement. To launch Blossom Therapies website and take things to the next level. I look forward to working with you and helping you become happier and healthier.


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