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Group Sessions

Enhance Your Time Together with Tailored Workshops and Courses

Embark on a transformative journey with specially designed workshops and courses that cater to your soul growth, wellness, and psychic development. 

Whether you're planning a special event, a professional gathering, or simply seeking personal growth, each session is meticulously tailored to meet your needs.

Expertly Crafted Experiences

Leverage my extensive background in a variety of therapies, including team resilience training, combined with profound passion for psychic tools and abilities to unlock a unique blend of education, relaxation, and healing. 

These workshops are not just fun; they’re powerful catalysts for personal and team growth. 

I've successfully facilitated transformative sessions for large organisations, including the NHS, focusing on achieving specific goals while fostering self-reflection and team cohesion.

Diverse Offerings for Any Occasion

From intimate retreats to vibrant celebrations like hen parties, workshops and ceremonies are perfect for bonding and rejuvenation. 

Experience the joy and healing of group dynamics, amplified by the collective energy of participants engaging in:

  • Safe, confidential spaces where every voice is heard.

  • Thought-provoking activities, customizable games, and guided meditations.

  • Energy healing sessions and oracle card readings.

  • Personalised messages and guidance from spirit guides.


Special Sessions Include:

  • Spirit Guide Connection: Receive messages and healing from your spirit guide.

  • Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate: A session dedicated to restoring your energy.

  • Connect with your most Confident Self: Empowerment through self-reflection and a guided journey

  • Release and Manifest: Special ceremonies ideal for birthdays, hen-do’s and other milestones, ideal for making collective well wishes and intentions. 


Book Your Transformational Experience

Ready to host an unforgettable event? 

Each session is uniquely priced based on duration, location, and group size. 

Follow my events page and social media for upcoming events.

Or fill out the registration form below with your name, email, and specific interests or needs.

Alternatively, contact me, if you’d like to collaborate on an event, such as a retreat or workshop.

Let’s craft a memorable and transformational experience together!

I first attended the “meet your spirit guide” workshop and was fascinated by what I experienced during the guided meditation and the Reiki healing I received from Jade.

Since then, I have been receiving Reiki healing and hypnotherapy on a one to one basis from Jade and my experience so far has been amazing! I was quite skeptical about Reiki at first however the sessions I have received have definitely improved the way I feel about myself and my connection to the universe.

I feel Jade’s experience in both mainstream and alternative healing modalities allows her to understand your problems from a much deeper level which enables her to make you feel heard and understood but at the same time also give you valuable advice and insights that offer guidance and are full of wisdom.

I highly recommend Blossom Therapies for anyone looking to better themselves in any aspect of life!

Patrick J.

Interesting, relaxing, soulful afternoon with jade, who has a healing quality about her.

I left feeling wiser and enriched.

Sarah R.

A wonderful meeting and afternoon with Jade last Sunday. The gentle application of her enormous knowledge & commitment was evident from the start. She 'spoke' to everyone as an individual understanding their place on their spiritual journey, encouraging trust and acceptance of spiritual guidance and its influence in our lives.

Jade's use of cards, messages & smudging added to the experience as did her natural ability to communicate and answer everyone's questions & queries, and there were plenty of those!!!

A wonderful experience, thank you Jade & hope to see you again soon.

Ann O.

Amazing and really powerful experience. I did the spirit guide workshop, involving some learning about spirits and energy, then a deep meditation. Having never done meditation in a group setting I didn't know what to expect. Jade was genuine and really welcoming, and I left with quite a profound sense of peace. Wholeheartedly I would recommend Jade and this workshop to anyone with an interest in exploring energy, life and spirit. Thank you

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