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What I learnt from having covid

It finally got me.

Just after New Year’s Eve, I started having cold like symptoms (tbh thought it was just payback from a late night of celebrating).

But then I noticed a rash, so I contacted the GP who told me to be safe and get a PCR.

I still felt under the weather and tired a couple of days later, so after a day or two of feeling a bit sorry for myself and lounging around doing the bare minimum, I took myself into my zen den.

Ah my lovely zen den, where I see my clients, do my work, keep my overflow of shoes and clothes. But most importantly where I do my healing work, my meditation, journaling, use my cards, dance, yoga etc.

I had some cacao and did my daily routine of self care and spiritual practise and connected to my guides, specifically guides for my health and my higher self.

This is what I was told:

It is good you are asking, to understand the lesson or message underneath is very good practise and will help you in the short and long term.

You do have a form of Covid-19 (still no result at this time - it took 5 days in the end for the test results to come back). It is an opportunity for your body to release old, non serving energy, toxins and lower vibrational energy and emotions. Your root chakra, heart and third eye are particularly affected as you transmute and transform incoming cosmic / solar flare energy too.

It is not a punishment, you didn’t do anything wrong - it was due at some point, this way it doesn’t interfere with your plans too much (I managed my hen dos, wedding and honeymoon without catching it so am very grateful for that!)

You will not suffer long term, those that are are struggling to release and let go, unconsciously of some deeper pain, anger or grief (no judgment, we are all on our own journey through life figuring things out as we go)

Q: what will help me get better? Drink more water, eat fruit and veg, fresh air, etc

Also, to sit, meditate, ask my body and reflect on the following;

  • What anger / irritation do I hold still?

  • What grief / sadness do I hold still?

  • What fears am I still holding onto, thus resulting in protective behaviours?

Then to use magnets, crystals my guides reiki and light language to shift, release and let go.

Well I’ve been doing my full moon forgiveness list nearly every month for just over a year so I thought, ha, hardly any anger - I’m all good, that won’t take long. Similarly with the others, I’ve been working on myself for years, deep diving into the hard stuff and clearing, healing etc.

I was also informed this will not affect my conception / pregnancy. I’m generally fit and well and it will pass within a week (it did!). I was told, DO the inner work though…

Sooo… the next day, I get in my zone, journal out, tune in and go through the questions.

Oh gosh there were pages of stuff!

Without going into all of my inner gunk, here were some themes that surprised me, in that, I was holding onto it in my body:

  • Government and external, collective issues.

  • Galactic history events, from lives on other planets, including planetary wars.

  • Earth past life events.

  • So many injustices in the news.

  • So much disconnect people have from their higher selves and Source.

  • Times I have been made to feel less than, not worthy, small - then annoyed at myself for allowing this.

  • Old family dynamics, loss of grandparents in our lives so early on.

  • Mis-management of Earth's resources.

  • Witnessing friends go through difficult experiences.

  • Past friendship and relationships.

  • Fear of abandonment, rejection, loss , not enough money or time - stuff I thought I had a good handle on - more layers were coming up to be witnessed.

Through hypnosis I have set my body up to be a pendulum, so I kept asking questions and my body tilts forward and backwards for yes and no.

Using this method, sage, a big selenite wand, channelling, reiki and my guides, we cleared and released a lot of energy held in my body.

Oh my goodness I felt soooo much better after, lighter, more energetic and in a much better mood, practically went skipping downstairs to tell Quy of my success.

Within a couple of days I felt completely fine and then got my PCR result on day 9 of isolation to confirm that yes, it was Covid-19. By which point my isolation period was up the following day!

I learnt that it is really important to check in with your body and ask what messages it has for you, what is ready to be released.

Only by making energetic space can we call in more light and higher vibrational energy.

If you would like some help communicating with your body, clearing some of your inner gunk and making space for more of what you want, get in touch and we can discuss further.


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