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Feeling off-balance

You know something isn't right but don't know what!
I can help you achieve a better balance in your life.


Chakra Assessment; Reiki and Hypnotherapy 

Do you have a 'knowing' something isn’t quite right but not sure what or where to start improving things? Your soul knows, let me help you figure it out. A full chakra assessment using my pendulum and intuitive Reiki can help our focus, we can then explore and expand with therapeutic conversations and more.

The pendulum can be used to measure the incoming and outgoing energy of chakras. Knowing areas of blockages can help focus the attention on different parts of the body and associated mental and emotional issues.

Chakras are spinning wheels of subtle energy in our bodies. Written about in Ancient Eastern texts and referenced in several different cultures around the world, we have 1000's, but there are 7 main ones which all link to a different endocrine system. They affect out physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. As Cyndi Dale states, "Everything is made of energy. Energy is simply information that vibrates and moves." Our chakras, when open, aligned and in flow enable us to live in harmony with our goals and desires, to connect well to people in our life and keep our bodies healthy, to name a few. 

Each chakra is associated with different body parts and certain emotional and cognitive imbalances. They all have a different colour, tone and element associated too. Identifying which one is out of balance (releasing too much energy or not taking in enough energy) can help identify other issues in the body. This can then be worked with in a variety of ways. 

Other methods of exploration and assessment are also really useful for determining areas of focus. Some of these are used with hypnotherapy, such as Parts Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or Emo Trance. The main idea with these is that if everything is made of energy, our bodies are energy too, so if we can connect to different parts with blockages of energy (from trauma, accidents, strain of everyday life) we can help to loosen and release this blockage. 

Balance your physical and emotional energy

Find new ways to find balance

Find new perspectives and ways of coping

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