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Laura S.


When I started my hypnotherapy at Blossom Therapies I was seriously struggling with my mental health, I was a chronic insomniac which resulted in my suffering with anxiety and depression. Since my first session I saw an improvement but by the end of the treatment I found I could sleep the whole night through which was previously unheard of. I can’t thank Jade enough for her help. Her empathetic and calm manner made me feel a ease and I cannot recommend the therapy enough. 

Reiki (Distance)

Erica S.


I received a number of distance reiki sessions from Jade at Blossom Therapies, each experience has been beautiful and unique.


Jade’s approach is warm, professional and insightful. I feel she provides a unique experience, where you have an introductory chat to ensure you know what to expect, and at the end of the session she feedbacks on what she experienced during your session, exploring things such as where she was drawn to, any visions she may have had, and pulls an oracle card. The feedback after the session greatly corresponded to what I experienced and emotions I felt throughout this time, which makes this a more authentic and rewarding experience.


I would whole heartedly recommend using Blossom Therapies for her warmth, depth and wealth of knowledge. 

Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Maria L

High Peak

Before my Hypnotherapy session with Jade I was suffering greatly with menopausal anxiety, hot flushes, and disturbed sleep affecting my ability to concentrate, I had negative thoughts and low self-esteem. Hot flushes became much less intense immediately and I seemed to be able to control them by allowing myself a few seconds to relax. Gradually, over the course of 2 weeks I had less and less of these sensations until they went completely, I felt generally much calmer, much more able to relax and look after myself, and have improved feelings of self-worth - wow, just wow!

I really look forward to Reiki treatments with Jade, the first treatment was astonishing, my whole body felt more comfortable after - I kept testing different scenarios that I know used to cause me to wince - the improvement was truly amazing. Jade has taught me to deeply relax - her Reiki feels like a re-boot, I’m left with a ‘topped up’ feeling of love/warmth/gratitude and feel more inclined to ‘savour the moment’ and feel less stress/pressure.


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