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Research shows us that some stress can be a good thing, that last little push to complete our assignment or work project, a little adrenaline for focus and energy can work quite well. However, our bodies are not designed for long periods of stress. When we are stressed we are in threat mode, our brain has perceived a threat (real or imaginary) and does what it was designed for two million years ago, it turns on our fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode. Back in the day, this helped keep us alive and thus we have evolved to where we are today, unfortunately the brain was not designed for all our 21st century stressors, not recognising when a situation is life-threatening or not, so we are often in this hyper-vigilant state for much longer than is healthy. This can cause our bodies to become ill and significantly affect our mental health, causing exhaustion, short tempers, erratic emotions and so forth. 

If you are reading this, know that taking time for yourself is not selfish, you deserve to find your calm and happy feelings again. How can you look after anyone else if you are running on empty.

We are in particularly stressful times right now unfortunately, there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of our usual coping mechanisms have been restricted or stopped. It is more important than ever to ensure you are happier and healthier, I can help using a variety of tried and tested methods that I truly believe in. Whether that be Counselling, Reiki, Holistic Hypnotherapy or a combination of all - get in touch to learn more and we can tailor a package to suit your personal needs.

Improve your physical and emotional energy to cope better

Discover specific techniques to help you cope with stress

Find new perspectives and ways of coping

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