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Hypnosis is a collaborative process whereby the client is encouraged into a relaxed trance-like condition, this enables the subconscious mind to be more alert, focused and receptive.


New helpful ways of thinking, beliefs and behaviours can then be uploaded and suggested by the therapist in alignment with the clients goals for the clients highest and greatest good.


Techniques such as guided imagery, which you may see, sense or feel (we all have a stronger sense of experiencing ) powerful affirmations and, where appropriate, exploratory journeys to discover the root cause of the problem to implement positive change.


Hypnotherapy is an opportunity to give your critical chatty mind a break, encourage it to move to the side so we can connect to your inner resources and make space for a happier, healthier and highest vibrational version of you.


Our memories and core values are stored in our subconscious. 

With the help of hypnosis we can reconnect to ones we have forgotten and utilise them for positive change in our lives. 


Often we develop unhelpful beliefs or patterns of thinking, hypnosis can replace them with new empowering ones. 

The client can’t be made to do anything they do not want to do and are still in control the whole time.


Hypnosis is a tool, not a therapy, and as such can be used to treat any human condition as long as a person’s intent is there.

This can include the use of wonderful techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotion code, parts therapy, inner child work, connecting with our higher selves for past , present and future insight and guidance.

It can also be used wonderfully well alongside other therapies I offer, such as Counselling, Reiki and Light Language, thus a key component of my Soul Sessions.


Being in a hypnotic trance is natural, we are often in one throughout the day. 

During an activity where our conscious mind is diverted from subconscious, common automatic activities, such as, driving, shower and jogging. 


We experience different brain waves throughout the day, such as sleep vs highly focused. Hypnosis is a way of being relaxed yet super focused at the same time in Alpha and Theta brain waves.


Benefits include:

  • Relaxation, inner peace and calm by slowing breathing thus decreases the heart beat and blood pressure

  • Change in thoughts, behaviours, habits, beliefs and perceptions

  • Increase in creativity and inspiration

  • Open up to insight and guidance from the body, higher self, connect with guides

  • Increased spiritual and psychic development

  • Removing roadblocks of the mind to achieve goals and dreams.

  • Improved clarity, confidence and knowing

  • Many more…

Some popular issues hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Weight loss

  • Stop smoking

  • Stop unwanted habits

  • Exploring difficult emotional memories

  • Connecting with the body for answers on physical and emotional issues.

  • Resolving issues with sleep

  • Removal of fears

  • Infertility support 

  • Vaginismus 

  • Many more....

Hypnotherapy frequently asked questions...

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I have been lucky enough to get totally immersed in the healing that Jade's treatment offers - I've had amazing results from both the Reiki sessions and the Hypnotherapy and have been left in awe and eternally grateful.

The deeply relaxed feeling is so physically and emotionally soothing and I emerge more able to take control of my thoughts and curb my anxiety, I have a more positive outlook overall and have managed to break out of negative patterns. Jade is truly gifted.

Maria L.
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