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Pregnancy, birth and postpartum - what a ride eh! Blissful, empowering, painful, EMOTIONAL, enlightening, confusing, I could go on. 


Matrasence - the process of becoming a mother, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. Hormonally and the actual changes the brain and body goes through, this process is up there with puberty, yet not as acknowledged in the same way, thus the type of support can be very lacking.

As someone who is still in the first year after having my first baby, this is an area I feel called to offer something. To support using my tools and techniques I use professionally and reflecting on what helped me personally.


I had a plan, a great one, however, (and unfortunately, commonly) it didn't all go to plan. Read my birth story of Lyra HERE.


I currently still developing this package but so far want to include:

  • Journal with reflective questions

  • Guided meditation to call in spirit guides for pregnancy and birth - CLICK HERE for one I recorded on my you tube channel. 

  • Reiki-Hypno for easing of pregnancy symptoms 

  • Reiki-hypno for ideal birth

  • Sending you a distance power pack of reiki to be activated when you are in your birth portal (labour) 

  • Sending you a distance power pack of reiki to be activated in those very immediate days after birth

  • A live (if timings allow) distance energy healing (you stay snuggled in bed at home with baby) Energy healing for baby too.

  • An opportunity for therapeutic and supportive discussion regarding your birth. This will influence a further session option.

  • If desired (I did this for me) Tuning into your guides and Akashic Record Guide for soul lessons and insight on the birth surrounding events. Even if it has been years and years and you still have questions I can help you with this.


Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details further. Or if you have any suggestions for what else to include - what you wish you had had last time for example or wish next time.


I am not a midwife or medically trained, I cannot comment on or diagnose any medical or health conditions. I used a lovely doula and recommend using one for your birth journey.


What I offer is alongside their support.

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