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Lost your
sparkle or

sense of connection?

Feeling run-down?


Having trouble coping?


Want to make a change?


or understand
yourself more?

I'm Jade and I can help you
Jade Langridge - Blossom Therapies

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is time to access our own light, our own resources. We then gift the world around us our light as it shines brighter - making the world a brighter place. 

I believe we are multi-faceted souls having a human experience and that at different times we need different healing modalities. You can expect a fully personalised package of care to suit your needs in a confidential, compassionate way.

I would love to help you on your journey of becoming a happier, healthier you.


Are you feeling overworked, under-appreciated? Spinning so many plates, you’ve lost count? Let me help you make you a priority again. You can’t pour from an empty cup - I can help you fill it up again so to regain some calm, peace and control back in your life.


Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Struggling to relax and enjoy life the way you want?

Let me use a variety of healing methods to remind you of your ability and confidence to manage what life may throw at you.


Struggling to shine your light, find your voice? Holding back from going for that new opportunity.

Self-Worth and Self-Value contribute significantly to our confidence - together we can explore how these and other aspects are holding you back so you can move forward.


A universal life-force energy which can holistically balance and heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Release blocked energy, enabling further healing.


Once encouraged into a
relaxed receptive state, new helpful ways of thinking and behaving can then be suggested to your subconscious for integration and action.


 A safe and confidential space to discuss your concerns. It helps you explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can develop a better understanding
and new ways of managing.


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