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Soul MOT 

A Transformative Journey to your happier, healthier and highest vibrational version of yourself.


Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation? My Soul MOT package is designed for those seeking deep, lasting change and spiritual growth.


You'll receive personalised, holistic care that will ripple out to mind, body, behaviours and relationships. Like an MOT and Service for the Soul.

A collaborative exploration as we peel back the layers to unfurl you from energies, beliefs and programs that no longer serve you. Thus, leave you feeling your most authentic, glowing beautiful self.


Perhaps you’re going through a dark night of the soul or struggling to find the light during a challenging chapter of your life. I understand, which is why I share what helped me to help you find purpose, passion and peace. 

What’s included in my therapeutic tool kit:

  • Reiki Healing: Experience the power of universal life force energy to clear blockages, reduce stress, and promote holistic healing.

  • Intuitive Energy Healing: Balance your energy fields using intuitive insights, crystals, and essential oils to foster harmony and alignment.

  • Hypnotherapy: Access your subconscious mind to release limiting beliefs and facilitate profound personal transformation. Explore other planes and dimensions for deep soul transformation, insight, and guidance.

  • Light Language Transmissions: Channelled high vibrational frequencies through spoken sounds to activate healing and spiritual awakening.

  • Counselling: Receive compassionate, insightful guidance to navigate life’s challenges, gain clarity, be witnessed and achieve your goals.

  • Spiritual Coaching: Discover and live your soul’s true purpose with tools and insights, including Oracle card readings, to support your spiritual growth.

  • Mediumship: Connect with spirit guides and high vibrational beings to receive profound insights, support, and messages from the spiritual realm.

  • Starlight Reading: Receive an insightful reading at the beginning and end of our work together to map your progress and future direction.

  • Personalised Cacao Ceremony: Conclude your journey with a bespoke ceremony designed to honour your transformation and set future intentions. 


This package is perfect for those who are committed to their spiritual journey and are ready to invest in their holistic well-being. Over the course of six months (give or take), you will receive ongoing support, tailored sessions, and transformative tools to help you achieve deep, lasting change.

Benefits of the Soul MOT:
  • Comprehensive Healing: Address all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • Personalised Care: Receive tailored treatments and guidance specific to your unique needs.

  • Long-Term Support: Benefit from continuous, dedicated support throughout your journey.

  • Deep Transformation: Achieve profound shifts and lasting change in your life.

  • Quantum Shifts: Experience significant advancements towards your goals, feeling supported, motivated, and clearer on your life purpose, overall health, and next soul-expansive steps.


Who this is for
  • Individuals seeking profound personal and spiritual transformation.

  • Those ready to commit to their spiritual journey and invest in their well-being.

  • Anyone looking for a comprehensive, long-term healing and growth plan.

  • Those who have experienced or are experiencing a "dark night of the soul" and are seeking light and clarity.


What to expect:
  • One Initial consultation to assess your needs and set intentions for your journey.

  • Twelve 1.5 hour Soul Sessions (bi-weekly, give or take) incorporating a blend of the above treatments, in person or via zoom.

  • Recordings of sessions included.

  • Ongoing email support for questions and guidance between sessions.

  • Customised homework and practices to deepen your healing and growth.

  • Final integration session to celebrate your progress and review lessons.

  • One Personalised Cacao Ceremony at the End: Celebrate your transformation with a bespoke ceremony designed to honour your journey and set your future intentions.

  • Two Starlight Readings with additional questions and detailed card reading for guidance, one at the start and one at the end of the journey

  • Two Light Language recordings and/or Personalised Meditations, especially for you, to keep.


Menu of possible sessions:
  • Inner child healing

  • Shadow work

  • Chakra and auric field reading and healing

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Review and clear non-serving vows/old contracts (e.g., poverty, chastity, silence)

  • Connect to spirit guide, animal guide, and heart space

  • Learn how to connect and open your channel for connection with your guides

  • Receive a flower/plant/crystal during an inner journey and understand its meaning

  • Meet your unicorn or dragon guide for channelled healing

  • Connect with gatekeeper/life mission guide for soul purpose / life missions clarity


Energetic clearing & healing:
  • Learn about energy hygiene and how to implement 

  • Remove negative agreements from past lifetimes blocking your path

  • Ancestral and bloodline healing

  • Soul retrieval

  • Clear energies such as dirty daily energy build-up, thoughts, feelings, psychic attacks

  • Address contracts, oaths, promises, and polarity balance in the energy field

  • Release energetic cords and imprints from relationships, experiences, and locations

  • Address current or past life injuries and trauma, including abuse and entity interference


Areas considered in facilitating soul work include life lessons, past life issues, ancestral healing, societal influences, mental and physical health, and more.

If you feel guided to embark on this journey, contact me to discuss further and book your Soul MOT package today. Connect with your true self, heal deeply, and live a life of purpose and joy.

Your Investment: £1111 (payment plans available)
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