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Light Language

What is light language you may ask? Several years ago I was asking myself the same question, and my understanding of this beautiful form of communication is still expanding as time goes on.


My understanding of light language includes what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced as a receiver, but my biggest teachings have come from what I’ve experienced myself through channelling it. I regularly channel for myself and others now. As my confidence and trust grows, the more it flows. 


So what is it? To start with, it is a frequency, a vibration, a multidimensional expression of the Universe of light, an expression of love. It is a form of healing, for our souls, our hearts, bodies and beyond.


The healing goes into our cells, into our light, our DNA and helps clear stuck energy. It can also activate memories, self love, codes of awakening and ascension.


It can be expressed through various ways; the voice (toning/chanting/singing/speaking), hands (writing/drawing) or body (movement/intuitive hand gestures). For me it comes through the voice and mainly hand movements.


My experience of light language


I was already on the path of self development, fuelled by having my Reiki One attunement and exploring all the new doors of experiences this was opening for me.


One evening, my first alone in about five months after moving in with my partner, I decided to devote some time to myself and my healing. I decided to do an Akashic card spread with my Starchild Tarot Deck (which I highly recommend by the way, especially if you are a starseed or feel connected to the stars or Egypt).


I was midway through a mixture of journaling, holding crystals and doing some visualisations when my right hand started twitching, then swirling. Then my arm was moving around in flow with the hands movement. I then had such a strong urge to open my mouth and all these noises felt like they were flowing out - clicks, tones, a range of notes in a sing songy fashion, in a language I didn’t recognise. 


It certainly caught me by surprise, yet I was not scared. I had heard my Reiki teacher mention light language and heard some being sung at a womb healing event. Even though I was not sure at that point what was happening, a part of me knew to just go with the flow. I felt excited, intrigued, a little nervous but also a sense of familiarity like welcoming an old friend not seen for ages.


I was briefly self conscious of the neighbours as it was about 2am and I realised I was probably being quite loud - what on earth must they think? However, I was pulled back into this new way of expression I was experiencing. 


At one point I felt a strong connection to Lemurian energies. I had a knowing, like a fuzzy memory of being on a body of water, watching others sail off as I sang this song, like a blessing of protection and love. I felt the stirs of emotions and was a bit tearful.


My partner came home (from taking photos at a club, so lots of energy flying around) as soon as he sat down as we started to catch up with our evenings, my hands started moving around him, fingers tapping together and moving on their own. I could physically feel the energy change around us, to a calmer more relaxed feeling. It felt like I was able to shift and change the collected energy around him as it was too much for my empath energy field to handle.


As we chatted and I filled him in on my new discovery, my hands and arms took over. He very patiently lay down as I instructed him and I channelled light language through my voice and hands around him. We were both looking at each other, like what is happening! It then calmed down and stopped, I was out of breath and we both were like "Whoa!"


My life has not been without it since. I am constantly learning new ways to incorporate it for myself and others, channelling various energies and forms with the help of my guides, trusting the right form will flow for that specific occasion or person. 


I also use it in conjunction with my guides who help heal, clear and align the subtle energies in our energy field around our bodies. 


How it can help you?

Light Language can be used on its own, whether that be I tune into your energy after we have discussed a specific goal and I channel a message for you, this can be live or recorded for you to listen back to.


Or it can work beautifully alongside the other therapies I offer: Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Counselling. 


I feel so honoured to be able to do this and feel it is so important I share with those that are ready, open and curious. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions about how this may work with you.

I believe there are a whole range of sources that the “language” originates from. We have Galactic, Angelic, Ancient Civilisations, Elemental and more. Some big concepts there right, you may already be familiar with these or you may be new. Either way, be open to what comes through.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what light language it is, I rarely understand what I channel or have received from another - but our souls know - that’s all that matters. It is received and put to use intelligently without us having to consciously think or do anything but be open to receive.

This can be highly beneficial as with no words or familiar concepts, our ego and conscious mind does not have a chance to filter or categorise according to our current state and levels of understanding. We are more open to receive pure healing goodness.

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