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Light Language

What is Light Language?

To start with, it is not one language of pre-agreed sounds and meanings. It is a term to describe, what I have found to be many wonderful meanings and expressions. 

It is a frequency, a vibration, a multidimensional expression of light and energy, an expression of Universal love. It is a form of healing, for our souls, our hearts, bodies and beyond. 

Similar to Sound healing (think gongs and crystal bowls) but I am the instrument through my voice and hand movements.

It can also be drawn, some people see it as colours or/and sacred geometry. 

It is a quantum energy transmission, a form of healing, activation or protection for our souls, our hearts, bodies and beyond.

There are a whole range of sources that the “language” originates and flows from. 

We have Galactic (I personally connect with several - there are lots!), Angelic, Dragon, Faery , Ancient Civilisations, Elemental, Earth, Water, Tree and more!

Some big concepts there right, you may already be familiar with these or you may be new, either way, be open to what comes through.

It can be channelled direct from a guide or energy you are consciously connecting with or It can flow from the heart space, a remembrance from the Soul, such as a past life connecting with that energy frequency.

I use both.

It will sound different from different people, depending on their soul mission and past life history.

We rarely understand it on a conscious level, especially not word for word

But our souls know - that’s all that matters. I have witnessed clients cry and recognise Angelic and Dragon energy that I have been channelling, which at the time I didn’t realise I was doing, but they understood it! How amazing!


It is received and put to use intelligently without us having to consciously think or do anything but be open to receive.

This can be highly beneficial as with no words or familiar concepts, our ego and conscious mind does not have a chance to filter or categorise according to our current state and levels of understanding. We are more open to receive pure healing goodness.

We hold karmic imprints and past traumas from many past lives, even in other star nations, in our soul, chakras and auric field - these “wounds” cause imbalances , distortions and energy flow can be out of alignment. This can affect our morphogenetic fields of sound and light, a grid, that our bodies are created on in this lifetime.

Light language helps clear this and stuck, stagnant energy with its sounds and frequency. The healing goes into our cells, into our light body, our DNA.

It is a way to transmit codes of energetic light and frequency, which can also activate; Soul memories, self love,spiritual awakening, abundance, ascension and more.

The healing goes into our cells, into our light body, our DNA. It helps clear stuck, stagnant energy.  It also can transmit codes of energetic light which activate soul memories, self love, spiritual awakening, abundance, ascension and more.

It is so versatile - it amazes me every day!


How it can help you?

Benefits include but not limited to; 

  • Relaxation, Inner Peace

  • Activations of Soul gifts and Memories 

  • Connect to Soul family / Spirit Guides

  • Decrease in Aches and Pains

  • Emotional Release

  • A shift in stuck negative thought patterns

  • Open up to Insight and Guidance

  • Open up your channel for Psychic work (if you set the intention)

  • Help you align with your Higher Timeline

  • Energy balance

Many more...


Light Language can be used on its own, whether that be I tune into your energy after we have discussed a specific goal and I channel a message for you, this can be live or recorded for you to listen back to, such as my starlight reading offering.

Or when you have a soul session with me it is woven into the other therapies I offer for extra power and transformation when needed. It can feel subtle or super powerful, depending on what will be best for you.

I feel so honoured and grateful to share this, all you need to do to receive is be open and curious.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about how this may work for you.

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