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FAQs for Soul Sessions

What to expect?

Consultation stage

As an experienced counsellor I will endeavour to create a warm, safe and confidential environment for you to open up as much as you want to. We will discuss your presenting issues, goals and concerns. We will discuss your relevant history and anything else that may be of relevance or from your treatment form (sent prior to appointment via google forms).

If I notice any patterns or areas where I think it may be useful to explore further, we can note these to incorporate into the session plan, or check in with later.

It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions.

May also include an energy assessment of your chakras and auric field.


Ongoing Clients

How have you been since last time, any changes you want me to know about or focus on today, if possible.


Session flow

  1. Music on, shoes off, lie down, get comfy, eyes closed - I scan for any areas that need more attention, sometimes using my pendulum to assess the energy flow and blockages. Often we get the reiki flowing and tune in further guidance or use a prepared tailor made script for your personal goals. Soul sessions will vary each time. Sometimes I channel our guides and we are taken on a healing journey. There may be chakra balancing, visualisations, shamanic style journeying to different realms to connect with different healing energies or receive activations or messages of guidance.

There may also be sound healing, through light language, sound bowls, tuning forks. Essential oils and plant essence and crystals for healing and balancing.  the use of oracle cards for further messages and guidance. There may be some sessions when we use therapeutic and spiritual discussion more for integration and processing of what has come. Or for planning and preparing upcoming sessions.

  1. If relevant: Feedback at the end from us both: what was noticed, felt, thought - all can be clues into the overall healing process as to where to focus, reflect.   (if distance reiki, we can do this on the phone, zoom or through messaging - I have found that messaging is proving popular is you then get a written copy of feedback to reflect back on later if you wish)

  2. I ensure you are grounded and feeling comfortable. We discuss any Soulful Self care recommendations or things to be aware of and if relevant plan / arrange the next session.


Distance sessions

Energy moves and connects through time and space. Reiki can be sent to wherever you are safely and effectively with us being in two different locations.

Distance Healings are a wonderful way to receive in the comfort of your own space. Once a suitable/specific time is booked, All I require is your name, location and for you to be able to lie or sit undisturbed and open to receive. A photograph is sometimes helpful for me to connect with your energy, but not essential. 

Consultation will take place prior to healing via Zoom, however this is not absolutely necessary. Another option is to simply speak or message before and after a session. Many of my clients appreciate having the written feedback to keep in a message.

The healing often continues long after the session itself as Reiki / energy healing  increases awareness, spiritual development and works to re-balance your body. Everyone is unique and each session may feel different so be open and remember energy healing does what is for our highest good.

  • Do I have to decide which treatments to have at the beginning if I book a combination package? No, think of it as a menu of offerings and we will discuss and review as we go. Finding what works best for you.

  • What is holistic? Read more on my blog page...

  • What does complimentary mean? Working alongside other treatments, such as a prescription from a GP or Physiotherapist routine.

  • Can it be done at a distance? How? Yes, all that I offer works distance, Reiki flows through time and space. We can connect via zoom so you can hear me, as long as you are comfortable and I can see your face and hands we are good to go. Many people actually report feeling more relaxed and powerful journeys when in their own space.

  • I can't see or hear my spirit guides, do I even have any? Everyone has a support team in spirt, you don't need to see or hear them to ask for their help. They will always be eager to help during your soul sessions. Plus my own personal team will help too and often many high vibrational helpers and beings of light come forward to. It is an honour and joy every time for me to witness.

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