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Blossoming Soul
Specialised Soulful Self Care Package

Recharge, Realign, Reconnect 


  • Recharge your wellbeing cup

  • Realign towards your goals and values

  • Reconnect with yourself, your highest vibrational timeline and to Universal Divine Guidance


A commitment from you and me to deep Soul Transformation that will ripple out to mind, body, behaviours and relationships.


Like an MOT and Service for the Soul.


What’s included:

  • 6 x 75 minutes Soul sessions in person or via Zoom with me.

  • 2 x Starlight Readings for the Soul. One before the sessions to give us insight and direction for the therapeutic work. One afterwards to set you up with any further insight and guidance on your next steps.

  • 2 x Light Language recordings and/or Personalised Meditations, especially for you, to keep.

  • 2 x answers to questions from you to ask your guides or Akashic Records with each reading *

  • All for only £444 instead of £518


I absolutely love connecting with guides and passing on messages. I can never predict what will come through but I always trust it's exactly what’s needed to be heard at that time.


*I can help you with the questions for a more expansive answer eg not a yes no answer.

Blossoming Soul.png


  • Messages and guidance to help you with your Soul, whether that be for healing, activating, expanding and empowering.

  • Personalised plan of therapy from my clinical and spiritually energetic tool box.

  • Flexible approach to ensure you receive what is most aligned.

  • Healing energy for mind, body and soul

  • Safe, welcoming and confidential space

  • To feel healthier and happier

  • To be used within 6 months

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