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Reiki / Intuitive Energy Healing

Reiki is a beautiful universal life force energy which can holistically balance and heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 


It helps to release blocked and negative energy, replacing it with high vibration spiritual energy, whilst promoting relaxation, personal growth and wellbeing.


Life can often throw us off-balance which disrupts our flow, our health and wellbeing. Being whole and balanced means integrating our right and left brain, our masculine and feminine energies, our mental and emotional - Reiki helps with all of these.  


Reiki can be used alone or it works wonderfully well alongside other therapies: medical procedures and psychological treatments - significantly improving their effectiveness.


It is a non-intrusive process where hands can be placed on the body (always fully clothed) and head, to work on the chakras and meridians. Alternatively it can be hands off - working in and around the aura, made up of several energetic layers around the body. 


Reiki is an intelligent energy, always working for your highest and greatest good so it knows where to flow. To help with the flow and direction I use my intuition and spirit team to guide me on where to place my hands, or channel further healing energy known as Light Language.


What to expect? (Distance Reiki consultation and feedback can be done on the phone, through Zoom or private messaging)

Consultation stage - As a qualified counsellor I will endeavour to create a warm, safe environment for you to open up as much as you want. If I notice any patterns or areas where I think it may be useful to explore further, we can incorporate this into the process, either with a longer session or a separate counselling session - absolutely no pressure though as Reiki works with or without this. I have found from experience that combining them can be very helpful for shifting emotional and mental blocks or trauma.


For New Clients, A slightly longer session allows me to go through any questions I have from your information form. You can ask any questions you have about Reiki, chakras or the process and we will discuss what you would like to get out of the session(s).


Ongoing Clients, How have you been since last time, any changes you want me to know about?

Then Music on, shoes off, lie down, get comfy, eyes closed - Treatment begins. I scan for any areas that need more attention, sometimes using my pendulum to assess the energy flow and blockages.

Feedback at the end from us both: what was noticed, felt, thought, what may guide the next step.

The healing often continues long after the session itself as Reiki increases awareness, spiritual development and works to re-balance your body. Everyone is unique and each session may feel different so be open and remember Reiki does what is best for us. 


See Aftercare Advice.

I am available to discuss anything related to your treatment, even after the session is over you are more than welcome to get in touch. I love to hear how you are getting on - every session is a learning opportunity and I am so blessed and grateful to connect with you and your energy.


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