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Channelling & Spirit Guides

What is channelling? What are spirit guides?


Simply put, channelling is the process of connecting to and receiving communication from the Universe through spirit guides. This can be experienced in a variety of ways through me or/ and you.


Being incarnated is like playing a very high definition virtual role-playing game. I love using the game analogy because to my mind, it matches so well with what we're doing here in the school room of life. 


We come here to complete our life task or life purpose, the story quest, as well as learn soul lessons and clear karmic debts - your side quests.


Only, you're not playing this game alone. Everyone incarnates with a team of spirit guides that have chosen to help and guide them on their life journey. They give you signs, they place opportunities on your path, keep you out of harm's way, and try to help you make the right choices in the game of life. 


They come through for your highest and greatest good when working with me during a soul session.


You may have heard this before and you may even have already contacted a couple of your guides but did you know that we don't just have one guide with us but a whole group of spirits and angels that fulfil different roles? 


When you go to school you have teachers that teach you various subjects. You don't have one teacher that teaches you everything, do you? That's how it works with spirit guides too. 


When I work with clients, I often sense different energies / guides, especially over time if a regular client. I also LOVE to help my clients build their own relationships and learn how to communicate for divine guidance for themselves.


I am blessed to be able to communicate with a wide range of energies and guides, One of my earliest incarnations was on the planet Sirius into the Royal Family (see here) This was a great honour and responsibility to have on the planet. 


One of the duties / roles of living this life, was to create balanced, collaborative relationships with others, including other planets, realms and frequencies. 


They did have access to higher realm knowledge and ancient wisdom, that not all on the planet had (think about the Egyptian royals, the King and Queens , Pharaohs - they had a team of seers, magicians, healers, wise one, space holders, priests and priestess to help them as they help support and guide their people / kingdoms / civilisations).


This meant that I travelled to lots of different planets, realms and frequencies (in body and spiritual body) which gave me access to experiences and connections of other royals, wise ones, benevolent ones, Council Of Light, and God/ Goddess energy.


This means, as a soul living in body on Earth now, I can still access a lot of these relationships and inner knowing of how to connect.  A lot of my channelled light language is from this. 


So if you have a guide you specifically want to work with we can discuss this and I will tune in to check we can.


I am a channel, a messenger, a facilitator of healing, transformation, awakening , illumination, reminder of your light, A gentle healer yet with warrior determination.


A shepherd of the soul, through its ascension , the body's growth and upgrading, mental refresh, clarity and a zesty sparkle of joy, determination for better, for truth, for unity and collaboration; for themselves, their family, their community, their fellow souls, in all forms, on Earth.


Allow me to guide you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, bring forth your divinity and support you to shine bright in your unique expression of your gorgeous soul.


Let me sit with you as I invite and welcome your spirit team to work with us, through your own connection in guided journey, in meditation, channelled through me, my voice, my hands.


Working with guides, personal, helpers or honorary guests has been the sweetest medicine that has come through me and for me during my own spiritual awakening journey. 


When I was confused, lost, upset, doubtful of my path, my abilities, my guides have been there. They’re like a comforting hug, an encouraging nod from across the room from the right person at the right time to give you that burst you need to do the scary or challenging thing. 


They are wise, gentle and sweet, they can also be stern, quite matter of fact and also very cheeky, funny, witty even (sure a lot of that is helped by me of course ;-) 


They have guided me on things I didn't know I needed guiding. They have been my teachers, friend, mentor and confidant, several through life times.


I am excited to share what I know and help you connect to yours too.


I am honoured to hold this space for you and all the loving beings that work with me, in body, in spirit and beyond.


If you have felt the nudge and been guided to me then this is the confirmation it is time for you to start or deepen your connection to spirit guides and your Soulful self care.


Check out my Cosmic Connection package for more specific ways to work with me and your guides.


I also share more information on this topic on my blog, through in person and online workshops, courses and E-books.

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